Turn your pharmacy into a healthcare hub


Give patients access to experienced, GMC-registered GPs and Specialists


Provide on-demand or by appointment services

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Deliver the highest standards of remote healthcare

Telemedicine Booth

Telemedicine Booth

  • Soundproof and Ergonomic
    To ensure confidentiality and autonomy.
  • Confidential
    Opaque window to provide privacy to patients.
  • Accessibility
    2 to 3 people.
  • 7 connected medical devices
    Which can communicate data to the healthcare professional.
  • Prescriptions
    Prescription printing in the booth for immediate collection at the counter.
  • Requirements
    Internet wired connection (ethernet) and minimal flow of 2 Mo/S (Up & Down).

Telemedicine Station

  • Ergonomy
    Compact and mobile.
  • Confidentiality
    Requires a dedicated private space to ensure patient's confidentiality.
  • Accessibility
    2 to 3 people. Adapted for person with reduced mobility.
  • Medical Devices
    7 connected medical devices. Impedance scale as an option.
  • Prescription
    Prescription printing in the station for immediate collection at the counter.
  • Requirements
    Internet wired connection (ethernet) and minimal flow of 2 Mo/S (Up & Down).

Why should I choose Tessan?

icons8-Dotted-Find Clinic Support the NHS

Support the NHS to deal with service pressures. 6.07 million people were on the waiting list for pre-planned NHS treatment in England in December 2021, more than one-tenth of the population.

 icons8-Windows 10-Up 2 Develop your business

Benefit from increased, loyal footfall and tap into the additional margins of services. 98% prescriptions issued in the same pharmacy. Use this opportunity to promote other products and services.

 icons8-iOS-Play Button Circled Choose a plug-and-play solution

End-to-end service, from equipment set-up to medical services provision. Average 3.5 hours set-up time for a booth, 30 minutes maximum for a station.

icons8-iOS-Star Be a local healthcare advisor

Play a central role in the healthcare journey of your patients and enforce your mission to improve health prevention and to assist patients. Be a part of our network with +450 premises equipped in Europe.

icons8-iOS-Connect Raise awareness

Boost the use of your service with a marketing and communication support program : Google my Business, review management, national referencing, appointment management, POS advertising and social media.

icons8-iOS-Shield Access to our complete expertise

Take advantage of a dedicated Customer Success Program, technical service and our medical experts.

Who are we?

Tessan-4 Rue Poussin Paris, France-259

Our mission is to deliver healthcare to everyone, everywhere, using innovative solutions  to reinvent accessibility to health.  

Founded in 2018, Tessan is a European MedTech developing connected booths and stations equipped with a range of diagnosis tools for greater interactivity. 

We know how important interaction with a healthcare professional is to patients. However, today people are often forced to rely on digital video-only consultations. Our solutions, located in accessible settings such as community pharmacies, give patients quick and convenient access to a physician, whilst having access to the required medical examination.

They trust us

I am extremely satisfied with the service. It perfectly matches my expectations : we get in touch with doctors quite quickly. Doctors have a lot of empathy. I think we are going to face a far greater adoption of this technology in the future

R. D. Pharmacy

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